A complete guide to how much does hair and makeup wedding cost

hair and makeup wedding cost A wedding is something that is very much important for a person. It can be said that it is the most crucial day for a human being and especially for the bride. When it’s all about the wedding day it’s about your day, this article will not tell you about what to do on your wedding day, and it’s totally up to you. However, here you will definitely know about the hair and makeup wedding cost what should be the parameters that one should always remember. On this precious day, you hire a number of professionals to get dressed up and arrange all the functions and ceremonies properly.  


For the bride to style up her hair is one of the biggest tasks and for these, they hire a number of professional and hairstylists to be the best. There are styles, fashion advice to follow on the happiest day of life. So to control all these you need a definite budget to constrain your wedding cost. 

How much does the wedding hair makeup cost? 

hair and makeup wedding cost

One of the common tendencies of a normal person regarding the wedding should is, the wedding should be giant and enormous always. Therefore everyone spends a huge number of money on the wedding day. Thus the cost of all the particular makeup and hairstyle is different and varies from a certain place to place and also depends upon the professional artist that you hire for the hairstyling.  

It is certain that you need to spend money on your hairstyling and make-up and you certainly worth it completely. So on average, you need to spend around $300, it is not certain but on a regular basis the charges will vary from $150 to $550. This will certainly depend upon your location and hair & make-up style. 

 What all should be included in the wedding hair package 

hair and makeup wedding cost

The hair and makeup wedding cost totally depend upon your package and structure of usage. Some bride opts for a single day and some opt for two to three days of package. The average cost of the bride’s hairdo ranges from $80 to $100. And the cost of a simpler massage is around $60. However, the air-brush, make-up and other activities may cost from $100 to $150. Whereas, as simple and traditional make-up with hair arrangement would be charged around $100.  

 Ask for add-on costs about hair and others

The maximum number of professionals has some add-on charges to their packages while most of them do not have any hidden or add-on charges. So it is always good to ask in advance for any sort of charge. However, some of the additional charges may be for these applications: 

  • Extra charges for more people. 
  • The professionals might include their travel fees. 
  • They might charge extra for additional hours. 
  • The airbrush makeup, hairdo, and false eyelashes are a bit expensive. 


So these were wedding hair makeup cost additional information and a complete guide. So if in near future you are having a wedding then it will be good to book in advance a professional make-up artist, so that you can enjoy the most important day of your life without any difficulty. 

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