Hair Extensions Grading Guide: What Do They Mean?

Since hair extensions have become more and more popular over the years and the market was getting bigger with all kinds of extensions, hair suppliers have come up with a hair grading system to determine the quality of the hair.  

Not all hair is for the high-class market, and of high quality, some hair is low in quality and lower in price and it is sold in the lower class market. 

So because there is different quality hair, the hair grading system was invented so that you know what type of hair you’re buying; is it high-quality hair, medium quality, or low quality? So, for example, you’ve got 5A, 6A, 7A, 8A, 9A, or even 10A hair, and that number determines the quality of the hair. 

However, there has been a lot of talk about different hair grades. Still, for many girls, it has been really confusing what it all actually means. We’ve been receiving several questions on the hair grading system, so I decided to blog about it. First, the hair grade system is used to determine the quality of the hair. Although it might all be human virgin hair, it is not all good quality. 

What is the Hair Grading System?

Hair Extensions Grading Guide

In theory, the higher the grade, the higher the quality of hair. The use of ‘grades’ to communicate the quality of hair originated in the Chinese market. However, let me do say, there is not a governing body, nor are there a set of standards that regulate these ratings. 

Most companies prescribe their own set of grades, and what you will tend to see is most companies that use this system will profess that their hair is the highest grade out in the market. A few years ago, 5A was not even out – we now see 8A, 9A, 10A…..we will see 20A before you know it. 

The point is – the grading system does not mean much unless the retailer outlines explicitly the difference between each level offered as they assign the grades as a means of marketing. 

How Does The Hair Grading System Work? 

It’s pretty simple once you understand how the system works. Rather than thinking of the hair extension grading system as determining the quality of the hair, it refers to the proportion of strands per bundle that measure the full length of the hair bundle deals. 

For example, every strand in a bundle of 18″ hair extensions will not measure 18″, as each bundle will be made up of long and short hairs. The more strands that measure the full 18″, the thicker the bundle of hair, and the higher the quality.  

This is also referred to us single or double drawn, whereby single drawn would be grade A, double drawn would be the highest listed grade, typically 5A or higher. 

Virgin Human Hair Features 

  • 1. Unprocessed, full cuticles all in the same direction, tangle-free.
  • 2.Naturalsoft, keep good body, and natural luster. 
  • 3. High quality 100% real human virgin hair can be dyed to 613# color, and also can be reused many times after dyed with proper maintenance.
  • 4. With proper care, your real virgin hair can be used for a lifespan of 1-2 years or more. After you’ve worn for some time. You can read this post to learn more hair care.

Grades Of Human Hair Extensions 

Hair Extensions Grading Guide

  • 5A: Non-Remy hair, suitable for low-class market.
  • 6A: Remy hair, and cuticle in the same direction.
  • 6A+: Thicker hair than 6A at the bottom, which means 6A has more short hair mixed in the bundle.
  • 7A: Same quality as 6A, and 6A+, but thicker hair than 6A and 6A+.
  • 7A+: Same quality as above hair, but very slightly short hair in the bundles.
  • 8A: Virgin human hair just from one head.
  • 9A: It is 100% virgin unprocessed human hair with full cuticle facing one direction of growth which means minimum tangling and shedding and a solid hair shaft. It is raw virgin human hair that comes from a single donor.
  • 10A: Virgin human hair just from one head, but better quality than 8A and 9A.

What Should You Know Before Purchasing Hair? 

When assessing hair, look out for the following features:

Hair Extensions Grading Guide

Is The Hair Virgin Hair?  

Virgin hair is human hair that has not been chemically altered by any means. Some hair companies tend to process their hair via acid bath to strip away cuticle and to create texture.  

Is The Hair Cuticle Remy?  

Remy hair is often a misused term and was very popular in the early. Remy refers to hair with the cuticle that has not been stripped away via an acid bath and is aligned in the same direction. You will not experience tangling and matting of the hair. 

Is The Hair Provided By Single Or Multi-Donor?  

Single donor hair is where you want to go. Single donor hair is bundled, cut directly from one person, and is directly wefted from the bundle. Multi-donor hair is hair that is mixed with multiple persons’ hair. It is often hair that was cut without binding and has fallen to the floor. This hair generally tends to tangle due to cuticle misalignment. 

Is The Hair Single Or Double Drawn?  

Most all human hair sold in the market is single drawn hair. The cost to produce a double drawn bundle is much higher because of the shackling process of removing the shorter hairs is much more expensive during the manufacturing process. Expect to pay more for a bundle of human hair that has long hairs to the tips. 

wedding hair celebrity

hair and makeup wedding cost

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Have wedding hair celebrity- mistakes to avoid!

Wedding hair celebritySo, the wedding is one of the biggest days in everyone’s life, isn’t it? However, every bride wishes to have a gorgeous outlook with an attractive dress and beautiful hair. On the other hand, there is different wedding hair celebrity whom you would like to have, right? Other than this, you do require different tips to have the gorgeous hairstyle. Also, when it comes to the wedding hairstyle there are many mistakes which you must avoid. Henceforth, knowing all the mistakes is an important way that you can achieve an attractive look. Thus, you must also know about different mistakes which you must avoid when having the perfect wedding hairstyle.

Mistakes to avoid when choosing wedding hair

Moreover, there are different types of mistakes which are there with having the perfect hairstyle on the wedding day. However, the mistakes which you must avoid are as follows- 

Avoid selecting single inspiration photo 

Wedding hair celebrity

When you have the decision of having a perfect hairstyle on the wedding day, avoid the selection of a single inspirational photo of the hairstyle. However, this is because one photo cannot explain the perfect look of having the hairstyle. Thus, when you are planning to have a perfect wedding hairstyle, you must have 3 to 4 photos of the hairstyle with you. This is the way that the stylist can have a better way to make the perfect hairstyle. Also, it is the reason that you can look gorgeous on your special day. Therefore, you must avoid having only a single hairstyle inspiration photo. On the other hand, having the best hairstyle also looks attractive when there is a wedding hair tiara.

Don’t have trail of hairstyle too early 

If you are planning to have the trail of the hairstyle too early from the wedding, so you are making the wrong decision. However, this is because when you are having the trail early you get bored with the hairstyle which you prefer. On the other hand, you will get access with another hairstyle which you find more preferable.  So, get the trail of the wedding hairstyle when you have the purchases of all the accessories. Also, all the details help you to decide whether you are having the perfect hairstyle or not. Therefore, avoid having the trail of wedding hair celebrity too early. 

No changing of hairstyle

Wedding hair celebrity

When you are having the choice of the perfect hairstyle, decide not to change it too close to the wedding day. However, getting a cut or hair colour is also the mistake that some of them are having. So, the brides must avoid ruining their hair before the wedding day. Also, this results in having the unattractive look at the special day. Thus, don’t try something worse when you are too close to your wedding day. Instead have the perfect hairstyle as per the decision with your normal hair and look attractive.


Therefore, this is the way that you can have the wedding hair celebrity on the wedding day. On the other hand, you must not miss having the wedding day tiara on the hairstyle which you are going to have. So, this is the reason that you will look gorgeous will the beautiful hairstyle.

clip in hair extensions affordable

A complete guide to how much does hair and makeup wedding cost

A complete guide to how much does hair and makeup wedding cost

hair and makeup wedding cost A wedding is something that is very much important for a person. It can be said that it is the most crucial day for a human being and especially for the bride. When it’s all about the wedding day it’s about your day, this article will not tell you about what to do on your wedding day, and it’s totally up to you. However, here you will definitely know about the hair and makeup wedding cost what should be the parameters that one should always remember. On this precious day, you hire a number of professionals to get dressed up and arrange all the functions and ceremonies properly.  


For the bride to style up her hair is one of the biggest tasks and for these, they hire a number of professional and hairstylists to be the best. There are styles, fashion advice to follow on the happiest day of life. So to control all these you need a definite budget to constrain your wedding cost. 

How much does the wedding hair makeup cost? 

hair and makeup wedding cost

One of the common tendencies of a normal person regarding the wedding should is, the wedding should be giant and enormous always. Therefore everyone spends a huge number of money on the wedding day. Thus the cost of all the particular makeup and hairstyle is different and varies from a certain place to place and also depends upon the professional artist that you hire for the hairstyling.  

It is certain that you need to spend money on your hairstyling and make-up and you certainly worth it completely. So on average, you need to spend around $300, it is not certain but on a regular basis the charges will vary from $150 to $550. This will certainly depend upon your location and hair & make-up style. 

 What all should be included in the wedding hair package 

hair and makeup wedding cost

The hair and makeup wedding cost totally depend upon your package and structure of usage. Some bride opts for a single day and some opt for two to three days of package. The average cost of the bride’s hairdo ranges from $80 to $100. And the cost of a simpler massage is around $60. However, the air-brush, make-up and other activities may cost from $100 to $150. Whereas, as simple and traditional make-up with hair arrangement would be charged around $100.  

 Ask for add-on costs about hair and others

The maximum number of professionals has some add-on charges to their packages while most of them do not have any hidden or add-on charges. So it is always good to ask in advance for any sort of charge. However, some of the additional charges may be for these applications: 

  • Extra charges for more people. 
  • The professionals might include their travel fees. 
  • They might charge extra for additional hours. 
  • The airbrush makeup, hairdo, and false eyelashes are a bit expensive. 


So these were wedding hair makeup cost additional information and a complete guide. So if in near future you are having a wedding then it will be good to book in advance a professional make-up artist, so that you can enjoy the most important day of your life without any difficulty. 

Just Know About Having – Video Tutorial Hair Extension

Just Know About Having – Video Tutorial Hair Extension

Video tutorial hair extensionSo, you wanna have long hair? However, you don’t wanna try something with your natural hair? So, you can have the hair extensions with which you can have the perfect long hair and different styles. In addition to this, not everyone will give awareness of the way you can have hair extensions. Other than this, you can have the video tutorial hair extension, with which you can have a hairstyle. This is the way that you can have the hair extensions with the help of different methods. On the other hand, there are different benefits that are there with having the hair extension.

Moreover, watch the hair extensions video, you can have different types of hair extensions. However, this is the way that you can have different styles of hair extension which will give the full excellent hairstyle. In this article, you will get access to the benefits that the hair extension is having. This is the way you can have the benefits of having hair extensions.

Hair extensions tutorial- benefits

Furthermore, the benefits are the reasons that you must have the hair extension to your natural hair. However, the hair extensions are the way that you can have different hairstyles with which you can look gorgeous and attractive. On the other hand, there are many video tutorial hair extensions are the best way that you can have long and beautiful hair. The hair extension benefits that are there are as follows- 

Addition volume and length by hair extensions

Video tutorial hair extension

You no longer have to wait for having the proper growth of the hair. However, with the hair extension, you can get the perfect length to the natural hair. The hair extensions are having the perfect length of the hair. On the other hand, if you having thin hair so you must have the hair extension. Thus, this is the benefit that you must have the hair extensions for long and healthy hair.

Hair extensions: Confidence booster 

Video tutorial hair extension

Furthermore, this is the best benefit that the hair extension is having. However, with the help of having perfect hair extension you can have the best confidence. This is the best way that you can enhance the confidence level that you are having. It is the reason that women these days are having hair extension for the beautiful look. Therefore, if you are having the hair extension of the style which you are willing to have this develops confidence.

An experiment of different hairstyles

Moreover, from ponytails to different other hair hairstyles, you can have experiments with the help of hair extensions. However, the hairstyle possibilities are endless; this is the way that you can have the hair extensions for different hairstyle. On the other hand, you can have the chemical-free or highlights to the hair.

Easy maintenance about hair extensions

The hair extension doesn’t require high maintenance; also you can have easy maintenance to the hair extension which you are having. However, this is the way that you can have the best maintenance of the hair extension which you have. This you can also know from having the hair extensions tutorial.


Thus, these are some of the benefits which are there with having hair extensions. However, it is the way that you can get help from video tutorial hair extension.


Hair extensions you can curl and straighten the way you want

Hair extensions you can curl and straighten the way you want

hair extensions Nowadays, girls, especially for their beauty, use hair extensions. In the hair extensions, you can curl and similarly straighten the hair to look beautiful. So the short hair and thin hair girls just look the way you want to. Many women want to change the hairstyle but due to its adverse effect they not able to do it. Therefore with the help of hair extension you can curl and straighten comfortably without any hair loss. 

Meaning of Hair Extensions

With the increase in the need of women, beauty hair extension is increasing popularly. They are generally known as hair integrations. They are added as part of the hair particularly to make your hair thicker and longer. It is usually made from real human hair or man-made fibers. In comparison to real human hair, synthetic hair is cheaper. But the quality of synthetic hair is not that good. Thus you cannot style this hair with chemicals or high-temperature tools. However, you can style completely, dye or bleach the human hair extensions.

A curl of hair extensions 

A curl of hair extensions

Sometimes to become more personal people decided to cut their hair. However, they become sad after cutting as they do not like short hairstyles. But with the hair extension, you do not have to wait a long time to hair grows. For instance, with new hair, it will provide you self-confidence. If you like to keep a curl hair look it’s an easy job to do with hair extensions. Everyone likes to have thick long beautiful hair as a result hair extension is used widely. You have short hair or thin hair but you can still imagine the attractive curly hair. Besides, you do not have to worry about any kind of hair damage or loss. Particularly in every 3 months, you can change the hair extension for a new and changed hairstyle.

Curly hair with no worry 

A curl of hair extensions

If you have weak hair do not have to worry still you can curl your hair by using hair extensions. Hair extensions look so natural that you cannot find that they are not real. With your curly hair, you will be much confident and not afraid of thin hair. Generally, curly hair looks different from curly hair. But if you have a hair extension you can easily curl the hair from the salon or by yourself also but with care. 

Straighten hair look easy to do the job with hair extensions 

Every woman wants to look beautiful in front of others. Straight hair is the choice of many as it gives the beautiful look. Generally, all the women have thick hair and if they straighten them they look thinner. As a result, women are not that much confident about the straight hair look. Therefore hair extensions are the perfect solution for this problem. You can easily straight the hair extension and get a gorgeous look without any doubt. 


Lastly, it is your own choice which hairstyle you want to keep. But with the hair extensions you can curl and straighten and change the look instantly. In short curl or straight, die or color so whatever you like to do with your hair. Because you have hair extensions that will make you look beautiful with the lovely styled hair.


All about tape in hair extensions wavy pattern

All about tape in hair extensions wavy pattern

  tape in hair extensions Amongst all other hair extensions tape in type extensions are growing in popularity. This is because they are light weight and partially permanent. The name tape in is given to them because of the method of its application. It is applied by sandwiching your hair strands between the tapes attached on one end of the weft. Tape in extensions blends well with your natural hair and looks voluminous. The wavy type of tape in extensions looks more beautiful on Indian women. The process of applying tape in extensions typically takes 30 to 45 minutes. Once they are applied they look completely natural. 

The tape in hair extensions wavy comes in thick wefts rather than a full head type. So it can be attached under natural wefts such that your whole hair of head looks fuller. 

How to make a ponytail with tape in hair extensions 

tape in hair extensions

Thanks to a celebrity singer Ariana Grande’s look the ponytail style is very much in fashion now. To have a flawless pony on your head it’s better to get it done by a stylist rather than by yourself. Making a pony tail with a tape in hair extension is comparatively easy because of its mobility. Before having this style it is important to examine that you should have good amount of hairs at the nape of your neck. Make sure that the tabs are hidden and flat against your head. Leave two sections from either side of your hair to wrap on the base and pin it. 

Different hairstyles for tape in hair extensions 

A Messy Bun 

tape in hair extensions

This is for an effortless and relaxed look. Hair extensions users generally don’t pick up this style due to the fear of the tabs becoming visible. For that you should take the help of a good hair stylist. Who can properly make the tabs under your hair? 

The plaits 

tape in hair extensions

Plaits have its own variations but typical fish plait is the favorite for most of the women. Plait is famous for its amazing adaptability with hair extensions. Plait is a versatile style, women can use it on daily basis as well as on occasions like marriages. It is a fab way to show off the luscious wefts of your hair extensions. 

The Beach Wave 

tape in hair extensions

It is the easiest styles to be made with a tape in hair extension. Though making a perfect wave of a weft is an art. Tape in hair extensions wavy pattern is also available to have an effortless beach wave style. Stylists can make it with any kind of hair extension with ease. 

The Slick Pony 

A few bobby pins, an extension comb and a hair spray is all it takes to have a Slick pony. It can be made at home with the help of your partner in style. Slick pony is perfect for night outs and club parties. As it expose your beautiful hair without covering your face and neck. 


By using above hand-picked styles you can become the style icon of your gang. However, you must have the tape in hair extensions wavy.