All about tape in hair extensions wavy pattern

  tape in hair extensions Amongst all other hair extensions tape in type extensions are growing in popularity. This is because they are light weight and partially permanent. The name tape in is given to them because of the method of its application. It is applied by sandwiching your hair strands between the tapes attached on one end of the weft. Tape in extensions blends well with your natural hair and looks voluminous. The wavy type of tape in extensions looks more beautiful on Indian women. The process of applying tape in extensions typically takes 30 to 45 minutes. Once they are applied they look completely natural. 

The tape in hair extensions wavy comes in thick wefts rather than a full head type. So it can be attached under natural wefts such that your whole hair of head looks fuller. 

How to make a ponytail with tape in hair extensions 

tape in hair extensions

Thanks to a celebrity singer Ariana Grande’s look the ponytail style is very much in fashion now. To have a flawless pony on your head it’s better to get it done by a stylist rather than by yourself. Making a pony tail with a tape in hair extension is comparatively easy because of its mobility. Before having this style it is important to examine that you should have good amount of hairs at the nape of your neck. Make sure that the tabs are hidden and flat against your head. Leave two sections from either side of your hair to wrap on the base and pin it. 

Different hairstyles for tape in hair extensions 

A Messy Bun 

tape in hair extensions

This is for an effortless and relaxed look. Hair extensions users generally don’t pick up this style due to the fear of the tabs becoming visible. For that you should take the help of a good hair stylist. Who can properly make the tabs under your hair? 

The plaits 

tape in hair extensions

Plaits have its own variations but typical fish plait is the favorite for most of the women. Plait is famous for its amazing adaptability with hair extensions. Plait is a versatile style, women can use it on daily basis as well as on occasions like marriages. It is a fab way to show off the luscious wefts of your hair extensions. 

The Beach Wave 

tape in hair extensions

It is the easiest styles to be made with a tape in hair extension. Though making a perfect wave of a weft is an art. Tape in hair extensions wavy pattern is also available to have an effortless beach wave style. Stylists can make it with any kind of hair extension with ease. 

The Slick Pony 

A few bobby pins, an extension comb and a hair spray is all it takes to have a Slick pony. It can be made at home with the help of your partner in style. Slick pony is perfect for night outs and club parties. As it expose your beautiful hair without covering your face and neck. 


By using above hand-picked styles you can become the style icon of your gang. However, you must have the tape in hair extensions wavy.